Why I Don't Mind Having Trump as My President

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Like many Americans, I am offended by Donald Trump’s policies, his white supremacist agenda, his worldview and pretty much everything about him. What I do like about our president is that he represents a vast number of Americans, which the media has been glossing over for years. And I’m not talking about the rural, underprivileged, uneducated white voter that the media completely conjured up. I’m talking about White America in general.

During Obama’s presidency, there was a belief that we lived in a post-racial society and that we were a more just people just because our president was African-American. But nothing changed under Obama. His supporters still don’t address the fact that he bombed eight Muslim countries that were in no way a direct threat to the United States.

More soldiers committed suicide under Obama’s watch than they did under Bush’s. Obama sent home more maimed people of color than I’d like to believe exist. We were not a more just society under Obama. I’d argue that we lived under a far heavier veil of lies than we do under Donald Trump. People of color benefitted more from an Obama presidency symbolically than in substantive ways, which I believe is what white supremacists Democrats wanted all along.

Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that bigotry and racism belong to a single political party. The idea of racial equality is not a popular one in this country, period, not with the majority of Democrats and certainly not with Republicans. Violence against African-Americans and Muslims didn’t start with Trump like the press wants you to believe. It certainly won’t end after the Trump presidency finally putters out.

For decades now, Americans have been deluded into believing that only Republicans wage wars and make it hard for people of color to earn a living wage. Meanwhile, both parties are busy raping and pillaging brown people in the Middle East in an imperial last gasp while putting our own brown people in harm’s way. Corrupt politicians? All I hear is silence from the majority of Americans, who seem to feel nothing about millions of people getting killed, maimed or displaced in exchange for oil and mineral reserves.

It’s time for real change, a moral revolution. Until then, I fully enjoy the brutal honesty of Trump’s presidency. He’s turned more left-leaning Americans into armchair politicians than anyone could’ve ever anticipated. These liberals may not stop the wars we’re already waging but no one—and I mean no one—will allow Donald Trump to start a new war without answering for it first. So-called liberals may actually hold an American president accountable for war crimes instead of handing him a Nobel Peace Prize for them (Does anyone remember that Obama started a civil war in Syria and expanded the War on Terror that he promised to end?).

As for Donald’s Muslim ban, I wasn’t shocked by the illegal (and inevitably failed) policy. Considering that we’ve killed many millions of Muslims since 9/11, it’s sensible that Trump fears retaliation. Had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, she would’ve gotten away with a full ban because she would’ve been “more presidential” and called it a Travel Restriction. That would’ve been more palatable to the more refined Democrats who don’t really seem to mind the Muslim genocide as long as we don’t say that we are killing Muslims. They seem to think that if we ethnically cleanse the Muslim world while never mentioning the victims’ religion, the part we play in the Middle East is somehow less evil.

While Donald Trump pumps his fist and spews hatred towards people of color and Muslims, I know deep down that much of the vocal resistance by many “progressives” is rooted in the shame of having their own hidden feelings revealed. See, there is absolutely no reason to fear Donald Trump: He is no different from every white Democrat I’ve ever dated. He’s egotistical, controlling, unknowingly racist, and fearful of losing his white privilege.

But there is one thing I love about Donald Trump: He’s a radical. Tearing down the façade of equality in this country is far more powerful than all the PC bullshit I endured during Obama’s presidency. Thank you for bringing the glaring ugliness of racism and bigotry back out into the light, Mr. President.