Discrimination in the Publishing Industry


August 30, 2017

I finished my book a few months ago and have gotten a stream of responses from editors and agents with grand editing ideas. The problem is that each one has their own idea of what my work should be. It's all so arbitrary and frustrating that I've decided I'm most likely going to be self-publishing. The earnings are certainly more fair.  Self-publishing is the new wave, because the publishing houses are behind when it comes to inter-sectional feminism. I personally don't read books from the major publishers, not even the smaller imprints. The systemic censorship in American literature is upheld by these conglomerates, who require the approval of less-than-perfect agents who really don't want to shock, surprise or upset the status quo. And when they say they want diverse voices (Muslim ones), they mean happy well-integrated ones.  In short, the muzzle doesn't fit.

I reported my editor to the BBB because she stopped editing my work or doing anything other than simply saying "streamline" after I wrote about a Jewish ex's family hatred towards me. She admitted she didn't copyedit my work but lied and said the work was not in the contract. "Polishing" no longer means copyediting or spellchecking, people. She said she felt that writing about Jewish racism was "anti-Semitic" and doesn't think I deserve a refund. Bullshit. She also called me crazy and cited all the bestsellers she's worked on, most of which are war propaganda novels. Let's hope that justice prevails.

The irony of all this is that I believe anti-Semitism exists and I speak to it in my book. I also admit to having had anti-Semitic feelings in the past, not an easy thing to do. Peace